Since the early 1990s, building work has required a Building Consent (previously called a building permit) from your local Council. On completion of the work undertaken as part of the Building Consent, a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) should be obtained from the Council.

In our experience...

Homeowners have often believed that their building contractor or project manager would look after this paperwork. In many cases, it is only revealed years later that no CCC was obtained. We can help with the resolution of all your construction compliance and Building Consent issues New Zealand wide, including:

  • What building work requires a Building Consent and what work doesn’t
  • Assisting with obtaining a Code Compliance Certificate for an outstanding Building Consent
  • What to do when buying a property that has unconsented building work
  • What to do when buying a property that has a Building Consent but it hasn’t been signed off with the issuing of a Code Compliance Certificate
  • What to do when you receive a “Notice to Fix” from the council
  • What happens with building work undertaken prior to 1991
  • Dealing with issues that don’t comply with the Building Code
  • Gaining a Certificate of Acceptance (COA)
  • Filing for a Determination with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment